Evolution is the solution for success 

Nobody needs to tell you that working your way to the top in business isn’t easy. But as any successful person will tell you, maintaining your place at the top is far more challenging. Why? Because it’s easy to fall back on the notion that doing the things you did to become successful will perpetuate that success.


Staying one step ahead of rapidly changing markets, consumer trends and your competition requires that you act with an eye on the future, not the past. It’s one of the reasons RE/MAX has remained the #1 name in real estate for decades. It’s a brand that continually sets new standards for excellence by not only embracing change, but proactively making change happen.



Like all great brands, RE/MAX continues to evolve. The company’s keenly aware that success isn’t turf you protect…it’s a wave you ride, making adjustments as needed to stay on top. It invests heavily in research, always looking for those next waves. When they detected consumers (particularly Millennials) were starting to perceive the RE/MAX logo as outdated, they took action. And designed a bold new visual identity that’s already creating a lot of excitement and energy among our agents.


The new RE/MAX logo you see here – and will start seeing everywhere – evolves our iconic balloon in a modern way better suited for the Digital Age. Millennials are the largest generation with the most purchasing power in history. Digital’s in their DNA…so any brand intent on occupying a leadership position with them better look the part as a first step in establishing credibility. 

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RE/MAX Gold - Reno
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